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Suffering in Silence: Mental Health, Depression, and PTSD in First Responders

This course is a very personal project for me.  We continue to see the tragedy of suicide effecting first responders.  While there seem to be more discussions about suicide prevention, I feel that if we are talking about suicide we are already behind the ball.  In this course I try to avoid getting bogged down in the clinical discussions around the ideas of mental health, depression, and PTSD.  This course is personal because I myself have been afflicted with a PTSD diagnosis.  I will discuss my struggles with PTSD, Depression, and the perceived stigma that seems to keep many from coming forward to talk about this very hush hush topic.  My goal is to make everyone more aware of the battles faced by those afflicted with this, give hope to those suffering from it, and hopefully start to break down the walls so that people will begin to seek the help they need.

SAFER: Situational Awarenes For Emergency Responders


Situational Awareness For Emergency Responders


            This class is designed to provoke thought from emergency responders in terms of keeping a good overview of any scene they are working at.  Too often we get bogged down with tasks, overwhelmed by details, or we lose track of the overall “big picture.” 

            In this class we will talk about changes in firefighting today in terms of furnishings, construction, and tactics.  We will talk about things we can do to promote good situational awareness to better prepare and keep our people out of preventable dangerous situations.  Then we will top it off with case studies showing the effects of lack of situational awareness from one scene and finally a case study which nearly turned in to a multiple LODD. 

            Regardless of the scene, the situation, or the circumstances; we can always be SAFER and ensure everyone goes home.



-Identify the need for situational awareness

-Describe some of the modern hazards facing firefighters/first responders

-Identify the areas that can be problematic

-Identify the need for changes in our thinking and our tactics

Case study 1/Discussion:  Ulster Road video

Case study 2/Discussion:  Meadow Wood Court video-accident report

Suffering in Silence

Mental Health, Depression, and PTSD in First Responders

            This class is designed to begin a dialogue between first responders about one of the silent killers, suicide.  However, there are stages prior to suicide that if we can identify, we can save our own.  Too often we find ourselves grieving when we lose a brother or sister, but why does it take such a tragedy to bring people together? 

            In this class, I will present my own battle with the diagnosis of PTSD and depression.  My goal is to show others that they are not alone.  However, there is still so much stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health in first responders that we must start breaking down the barriers and open up a dialogue.  Even within our own departments there is often a lack of support and even labeling of those suffering from these terrible battles.

            Until changes are made, we will continue to tragically lose our first responders to something that they can be helped with if we identify it soon enough.  We work to save others, but who saves us?  Let’s begin the discussion today before it’s too late for someone we know.



-Identify the need for a discussion about mental health

-Describe mental health issues and changes afflicting people

-Describe my personal battle after being diagnosed

-Describe the challenges faced by those suffering from mental health issues

-Identify resources available

Target Audience

Fire Departments

EMS Agencies


*With notice, this course can be adapted to other groups as well.  It currently uses fire based scenarios for discussion.

Target Audience

Fire Departments

EMS Agencies


Law Enforcement

Hospital Staff

Specialty Groups

Anyone else interested in learning more about the struggle

Vehicle Fires

This class discusses the unique situations posed by fighting vehicle fires.  It can be presented in one of two methods.  The first method can be a presentation that only encompasses the classroom portion.  Second, the presentation can be given prior to live fire exercises. 


-Identify the need for proper PPE during vehicle fire operations

-Describe the need for proper response and apparatus placement

-Identify the hazards while conducting vehicle fire operations

-Describe the need for appropriate equipment

-Describe methods for approaching an engulfed vehicle

-Identify methods of access and extinguishment